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Reliance Services specializes in providing financial health coaching to address the root of your financial issues. Debt and financial stress are manageable - and we can help.

Financial Facts

2020 National Statistics

Last year was very rough on American consumers, as well as people around the world, due to the unprecedented circumstances we all faced.

Some consumers reacted to financial hardship by spending more carefully and paying down debts. However, for many more Americans, credit cards and loans were the only way to keep afloat. Furthermore, many Americans were unable to make their debt repayments so they fell even further behind.

In 2020, total consumer debt topped $14.35 TRILLION dollars – and all-time high. In addition, the total average household debt rose to $145,000 from roughly $140,500 in 2019. But as debt rose, Americans reduced their debt repayments as a percentage of household income.

Simply put, Americans accrued more debt in 2020 that they are not able to pay off.

Now, take a deep breath.

While debt can be scary, there IS a way out. A solution is possible and achievable by working with a certified Reliance Services financial coach.

The biggest mistake people make when dealing with finances is not having a plan. With Reliance Services in your corner, you can face your finances and get your life back on track.

Household Debt

Overall, the average American household has $145,000 in total debt, including mortgages, auto loans, and more.

Credit Cards

The average household in the United States has $7,849 in revolving credit card debt.

Interest Fees

In the United States, the average household will pay more than $1,155 in credit card interest fees alone this year.

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Financial Coaching Services


What is financial coaching?

Reliance Services financial coaches are certified through the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors and are focused on changing their clients financial footprint.


Why am I in debt?

Today more than ever, many Americans have found themselves drowning in bills owed to creditors. Families with rising debts have found themselves unable to focus on their lives. Our financial coaches can help you build a roadmap to financial freedom.


Do you want financial freedom?

Working with a certified financial coach is the first step to escaping the stress of making minimum payments for the rest of your life.